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Our names are Josefa de Winter- Eltink and Ivonne Van der Rijt- Walravens, both born in Brazil in Campos de Holambra.

We grew up together, we were neighbors almost all our lives in Brazil, all our experiences were built since we were little, we did almost everything together and our friendship grew a lot since we met.

The years went by and we started to build a family, got married around the same time and our husbands coincidentally are both from the Netherlands. Josefa had three children and Ivonne had two, the friendship remained in the younger generation, as we spent a lot of time together and frequented both houses.

The children grew up together in the same school, played the same sports, and even went to church together.

In the late nineties, we immigrated to Holland and our lives changed a bit, Josefa moved to a different city and the distance between us was a barrier in our lives.

Joan Josefa’s husband after a few years working in the Netherlands had the professional opportunity to move to Portugal and start a new project. For many years I traveled weekly between the Netherlands and Portugal.

After a few years at this pace Josefa decided that when the children came of age she would move to Portugal and get involved in her husband’s business.

In time the two sons also started to join the staff of the family company, only the eldest daughter stayed in Holland.

In 2023 Josefa decided to take a new step in her life in Portugal and challenged her long-time friend Ivonne, who moved her life from the Netherlands to Portugal, to start a Tourism project.

After some research, they found Quinta da Boavista and felt it would be ideal for this challenge. After many changes, many hours of building, painting, and decorating, the New Quinta da Boavista is ready to welcome friends and clients who wish to spend a great stay in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Obrigado e até já!

Josefa e Ivonne

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